About Us (You and Me)


We are addicted to plastic.

We reuse, we recycle... but ultimately, it's hard to reduce. Even the best products from some of the most environmentally conscious companies come swaddled in plastic packaging. There are alternatives, but they're costly, inconvenient, or otherwise just not up to par with the conventional competitor.

We - you and I - believe we can do better.

In 2017, Bee Balm was born out of my experiences SCUBA diving in a plastic-filled ocean and by my frustration at the lack of accessible plastic-free alternatives on the market. The mission is fueled by my farming experience, which cultivated my love of pollinators and gave me a first-hand perspective on the effects of climate change on pollinators.

Bee Balm products are a plastic-free line for the conscious consumer.

Each balm is poured in small batches from hand-crafted recipes, and the packaging is 100% compostable. By offering a competitive product in environmentally friendly packaging, we hope to educate consumers and help fight for pollinators.

We are woman-owned, mission-driven, and eternally optimistic about people's ability to enact change. Read more about Bee Balm’s Mission.

Thanks for checking out Bee Balm, and please feel free to get in touch with questions, product feedback, or suggestions!


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