A Plastic Free Planet

Will it ever happen? Sadly, probably not. From electronics to health care to travel to food production, plastic is too deeply ingrained in our way of life to hope that someday the world will be completely plastic free. However, there are countless areas in our day to day lives where we can reduce our use of single-use plastics, reuse plastic products we already have, and recycle what we can’t reuse (or transition to using a recyclable product). Personal care products often use low quality, single-use plastics that are destined for landfills and oceans, so we thought that sounded like a pretty good place to offer an alternative.

Our Mission is Threefold:

1. To provide an exceptional product in compostable packaging that exceeds the quality and experience of conventional competitors.

2. To support pollinators by donating 5% of annual profits to pro-pollinator charities

3. Educate consumers about the problem with single use plastics and encourage the use of alternatives wherever possible

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